Classic Collection | Modern Collection | Valanti Collection

Classic Collection

The romantic villa-style feel of the Classic Collection is created with frame doors, several small details and soft colors. Considered use of colors provides space for interior decorating. Light-colored furnishings paint a landscape that can be seasoned with nature’s own shades of the color palate and contrasted with fresh furniture and objects, perhaps ones which have already been weathered by life. Twelve different door models available.

Modern Collection

The modern style features furnishings with sleek shapes, simplicity and strong contrasts. Clarity and reduction are always desirable. When materials and finishing are of high quality, then a little is beautiful. All of our kitchens are custom-made based on customer preferences and dimensions of the available space. Six different styles of doors available.

Valanti Collection

The soft earthy colors and wooden surfaces of the kitchen collection designed by Kirsi Valantti create a warm and timeless feel. The smooth surfaces of the doors in the Ruutu kitchen are framed by subtle grooves. In these kitchens, beauty, functionality and durability go hand in hand. Another popular style is Huvila, an entity that is designed in an old-time spirit, in which structural components are framed by beautiful simplistic frame doors. Four door models are available in the collection.